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Stagione 1 (1996-1997)
21 Episodi

Alla ricerca della veritą

Una morte misteriosa

Collaudo mortale

Il curioso Jarod

L'orologio di carta

A un passo dalla veritą

Un virus tra noi

Nemmeno un cane


Il vecchio indiano

Potato Head Blues

Prison Story

Bazooka Jarod

Ranger Jarod


Under The Reds


Unhappy Landings

Jarod's Honor

Baby Love

The Dragon House



Titolo originale: Under the reds

Trasmissione USA: 11/01/1997

Trasmissione RaiDUE: 15/01/2000

Lavoro: C

Oggetto: G

Cognome: (s

Data simulazione: (N


Under the Reds

Centre team tracked Jarod to Georgia and the Atlanta School of Medicine. Interrogation of graduate student revealed Jarod had been working in the school's lab under the name Dr. Jarod Halstrom, Ph.D. and enjoyed film adaptations of the classic Mary Shelley character, Frankenstein. Another red notebook revealed only drawings of chemical formulas with the words "Halstrom's technique" scrawled above. Miss Parker discovered a Skinner mouse maze labeled "Where's Jarod?," its walls and floor papered with a map of the world. Inside the maze, a single black mouse scurried in confusion. On the mouse's back was a sign: "Miss Parker." Sweeper team, stymied by the lack of evidence indicating Jarod's next destination, returned to the Centre. Later, Sydney was reported missing when he failed to show up in the Psychogenics Lab for a scheduled simulation. A nurse reported seeing Sydney leave early in the morning, and security reported drugs missing from the Pharmaceutical Lab. Drugs removed were Cylin, Triphenylmide, Diflutazenil -- a reversal agent, a neuro-stimulant and an anti-depressant, respectively. No clues to Sydney's whereabouts discovered in analysis of his E-mail and phone records, although record of an annual donation to the Mount Pleasant Home was discovered in his mail. Miss Parker tracked him down to Mt. Pleasant and learned that Sydney had been attempting to aid his twin brother Jacob with an experimental cure formulated by Jarod. Mr. Raines dispatched Sweeper team after them on information provided by Broots. Miss Parker ordered to kill Jacob, team ordered to assure she carried out directive. Preliminary report to Tower indicate task successful, via confirmation from Sam the sweeper.

Red notebook recovered at Jarod's lair revealed clippings with headlines: "Grad Student Remains in Coma after Car Accident"; "Steven Chambers Fights for Life in I.C.U." Also discovered was a paperback copy of Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" and a number of rabbit's feet, a superstitious symbol of good luck. Profile results on discovery of rabbit's feet indicate possibility of Jarod's growing uneasiness regarding attempts to elude the Centre. Reconstruction revealed Jarod suspected a paramedic caused the coma of a graduate student involved in an accident. Jarod discovered that Emergency Medical Technician Gary Rennert had taken kickbacks to transport patients with high levels of medical insurance to Queen of Mercy hospital when closer hospitals were available. Rennert had been in league with the hospital's Dr. Brian Fletcher to cash in on the insurance, but their reckless scheme had endangered the lives of many and had left Steven Chambers in an irreversible coma. Interviews with hospital workers indicated Jarod's actions convinced Dr. Sarah Corey, the physician initially on the Chambers case, to forgo a job in research and continue her humanitarian efforts at the hospital. Jarod also became close with Steven Chambers' parents and had helped them work through the difficult decision regarding life support for their son. It was learned the following week that Jarod transported a donor heart from the Chambers' son to another young man in Cleveland, OH. Efforts to apprehend Jarod there were unsuccessful.

A phone tap of Sydney's line revealed he spoke with Jarod after his Atlanta sojourn, but tracing the call proved unsuccessful. However, Jarod and Sydney's conversation revealed that Jarod had tried to use the Halstrom technique on Jacob. Jarod seemed to realize, via Sydney's guidance, that "you can't save everyone." Miss Parker and our sweepers made sure of that.



  • Questa volta Jacob si salva grazie a Sydney e Miss Parker, tuttavia, la sua ultima apparizione sarą in Fratelli.


Sydney: «Tu non puoi salvare tutti»