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Stagione 1 (1996-1997)
21 Episodi

Alla ricerca della veritÓ

Una morte misteriosa

Collaudo mortale

Il curioso Jarod

L'orologio di carta

A un passo dalla veritÓ

Un virus tra noi

Nemmeno un cane


Il vecchio indiano

Potato Head Blues

Prison Story

Bazooka Jarod

Ranger Jarod


Under The Reds


Unhappy Landings

Jarod's Honor

Baby Love

The Dragon House


Reportage omicida

Titolo originale: Jaroldo!

Trasmissione USA: 11/01/1997

Trasmissione RaiDUE: 15/01/2000

Lavoro: C

Oggetto: G

Cognome: (s

Data simulazione: (N



Centre tracking team discovered Jarod's last lair in New York City. Jarod had learned acupuncture for stress reduction. Interrogations revealed Jarod had wanted needles placed along the brachial plexus, the nerve center for the upper body, in order to simulate a paralyzed arm. Information presented indicated Jarod had left two days earlier. Another red notebook discovered on the premises. The headlines of the clippings read: "Bronx Tenants Freed From Bondage. Slumlord Arrested, Forced to Spend Month in Roach Motel." Miss Parker and Sydney arrived at the abandoned tenement building, where they were assaulted by junkies. Sydney was accidentally shot in the leg by Miss Parker in a struggle with the assailants. Miss Parker and Sydney were tied up, and later discovered that the building was set with explosives. Inside the Tech Room, Broots made attempts to track down Miss Parker and Sydney. Later, Jarod called Broots using a scrambled signal, and gave Broots the address of the tenement in New York. Broots arrived in New York and found Miss Parker and Sydney, rescuing them from the near fatal accident. Paramedics attended to Sydney, whose condition has stabilized.

Jarod's red notebook recovered included photos of a man named Ken Watanabe with the headlines: "Cameraman Shot Filming Gang War"; "News Does Boffo Numbers"; "Man Loses Use of Arm." Jarod infiltrated the news team at KTJE television in Seattle and discovered a ratings scam that left the cameraman Ken Watanabe paralyzed in the arm from a gang shooting. Jarod discovered the anchorman's orchestration of a gang shoot-out for ratings. Jarod tricked the anchorman Phil Richter into confessing the publicity stunt by arranging to have the same neighborhood gang threaten his life in a similar situation. Confession was captured city-wide on live television.



  • Il comportamento di Miss Parker durante la prigionia e il sipoarietto finale con l'agente che fuma, Ŕ un ottimo esempio di cosa pu˛ comportare la dipendenza dalla Nicotina.